what is digital marketing

What is Digital Marketing-Digital Marketing Fundes

What is Digital Marketing- Digital Marketing Fundes

Digital Marketing is nowadays the most trending and most selective career option by students. Digital marketing has another name online marketing it is also known by this name. It means promoting things online through social media, and search engines and generating leads for the business. It will also help to build a small business into top brands.

Why is digital marketing important?

internet marketing is the most prominent part of every business because it helps businesses to connect with interested customers. In this Modern era, most people spent their leisure time on social media and they also used FB and Insta as informational apps. So this is the best way to get clients and build your effective picture Infront of others. It is aware of the masses of your brand.

Components of Internet marketing?

  1. SEO:- it stands for Search Engine Optimization the goal of SEO is to get your website on higher rank in google search results. In it
    1. Content indexing
    2. Link building structure
    3. Keyword targeting
  2. Pay per click:- Pay per click to refer to paid ads to promote business in search engine results. This is short-term internet marketing without paying your ad no longer exists. Types of ads such as:-
    1. Facebook ads
    2. Instagram ads
    3. LinkedIn ads, Twitter ads
    4. Youtube ads
    5. Google ads, etc.
  3. Social media marketing:- Social media marketing in this people does business via all the social media channels. People get clients by using social media. Moreover, this is the most powerful way nowadays to build the presence of your business.
  4. Content marketing:- content marketing is considered as KING of digital marketing this is the backbone of marketing. It helps to represent your website in also helps in the ranking of the website.
  5. Email Marketing:- this is the technique to provide new offers and bonce offer details to your previous customers through ads and promotional emails.
  6. Affiliate marketing:- this is the technique to earn money via working with big companies like Amazon, flip kart, and getting a commission by selling their products.
  7. Search Engine Marketing:- it refers to search engine marketing means google ads, youtube ads, etc. these are the main components of online marketing.

Digital marketing helps new entrepreneur to build their career in the digital world and earn money. Digital marketing also helps entrepreneurs to give a kick start to their dreams so choose digital marketing and make your dreams come true.

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